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Hello, I’m Cat

An Artist in California

When I first started working as an Artist, I put my full time effort and heart into the artwork and connecting with people. The message I kept finding as I reached out was how valuable we are and how we belong in our community. No matter where we come from, we have something to offer that no one else does and we are unique in our own way. This message continued to ring through the artwork and also build my confidence.

I found that connecting with people was the most valuable part to believing in ourselves. It was when I paired that with the inspiration I found in flying as a private pilot, that the art began to have a life of its own. The excitement and color-pairs found from a bird’s eye view were phenomenal. And painting them was a joy to share the adventure in it all.

As you sort through the different pieces of art, you will find a tiny message accompanied to each piece. Sometimes it is a description of the adventure that took place that day and other times it is a reminder that you are valuable. I think the most important message is the one that you find for yourself within the art. Take care and enjoy. -Cat


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Currently available are large installation oil Landscapes as well as smaller acrylic paintings giving just as much boldness of color.

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