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landscape artist

Acrylic & Oil Painter inspired by flying

Unique Perspective

Landscapes are inspired by the adventures of a Private Pilot. Each flight captures the most beautiful views 3,000 ft and above.

Bold Color Pallete

The colors preceived are a brighter, more exaggerated version of what we see in everyday life. Most paintings highlight the contrast of the lighting during sunset.

Beautiful Message

Kindness to ourself is the greatest gift we can give. When I first started as an Artist, I found that this message was the most valuable part of painting and connecting with others.

Cat Mohle
Cat Mohle
Cat Mohle
Cat Mohle


Award Winning

Cat is one of the most genuine and charismatic people I know.

– Angelina Angelo

I love her lightheartedness. You will enjoy your finished piece.

– Heidi Borsch

She is an amazing artist with a positive vibe you can’t help but love.

– Brooke Belle

I have really enjoyed working with her.

–  Geanette Floyd